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At Cramaro Tarps we offer the best dump truck tarps, flatbed tarps, truck and trailer tarps systems, and tarp accessories in the heavy hauling and trucking industry. We are the originators of the automated truck tarp system and continue to push the industry forward with innovative truck tarp systems to help truckers haul their loads safely and efficiently. We pride ourselves on your customer service and our ability to make a custom tarp system for any truck or trailer you have, or any type of load you are hauling. Our friendly sales staff can get you the tarp you need, when you need it. Our tarps are among the most durable tarps in the industry so that you have worry free usage for everyday heavy hauling use.

We also service any and all truck tarp systems at our 6 locations throughout North America, Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, and Ontario Canada. We can service your tarp and get you back on the road whether it be a Cramaro Tarp, or any of our competitors like Aero Industries tarps, Donovan tarps, Mountain tarps, Pioneer tarps, Pulltarps, Roll-Rite tarps, Carolina tarps, or any other truck tarp systems you have.

We have tarps availale for every truck and trailer or load you are hauling. Our truck tarp systems include: