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Replacement tarps for all types and brands of tarp systems as well as custom tarps. Wide selection of colors and materials including multi, solid color and rhino mesh as well as 18, 22, and 27 oz. vinyl. Tarps are double stitched and lock stitched so they cannot unravel.

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Super Liner

Cramaro has been selling and installing liners for over thirty years. The primary function of plastic liners is to help keep material from sticking to the body or trailer especially in cold weather. Sticking and freezing material often cause roll overs resulting in serious damage to dump trailers and dump bodies. A side benefit of a liner is that it helps reduce the wear and tear on dumps. Cramaro offers three types of plastic liners.

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Crank to wind up, pull out to cover. Quick and easy to install. Adjustable in width and can be fitted with a mesh tarpaulin up to 35' long. The system can also be installed with vinyl or drop side tarps.

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To uncover your load, simply unhook pull bar at the rear and the spring loaded front roller rolls the tarp. Pre-assembled, just add the tarp! There is no climbing since it is operated at ground level. There are no side springs, arms, motors or cranks with this system.

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