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Trash / Recycling Systems

Lift N Load™

The Lift ‘N Load is an automatic lid style tarp system for covering transfer trailers. Ideal for bulk loads such as trash, mulch, scrap, and demolition. It is available as self-contained electric over hydraulic system or all hydraulic and can be a single lid or double lid system. Covers or uncovers in only 20 seconds at the flip of a switch.

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Lift N Go

Finally, an affordable, automatic tarpaulin system for Roll-Off Trucks/Trailers and Hook Lifts. This system operates easily and simply with four buttons, two to operate the gantry and two to operate the tarp system.

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Power Cover

The Power Cover is a completely adjustable tarp system for roll off trucks and trailers. The front gantry adjusts up and down 24” and the arms can extend 48”. This allows the system to cover any container from 10 yards to 50 yards. The Power Cover is hydraulic with. A three spool valve allows the operator to quickly and easily cover any size container.

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Crushed Car System

An inexpensive, simple to use, and reliable way to meet D.O.T. law for transportation of crushed cars. There is no messing with cables, cranks, motors, or sliding curtains while operating. Our system is based on a simple method of locking gates making it fast and easy to operate.

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The CTS is specifically manufactured for trash transfers, open top trailers, and sawdust/ bark mulch trailers, and completely covers all four sides of a trailer for total containment of the load. It boasts a patented dual action spring in rear bow mechanism that folds forward to the front for loading and over the tailgate for transport.

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