Side Roll Systems

Side Roll Truck Trailer Truck Tarp systems by Cramaro Tarps

The Cramaro Side Roll Tarp System is fully waterproof, safe to operate and can be fitted to a variety of different types of trucks and trailers. Cramaro manufacturers the traditional belt and ratchet system for our side roll tarps.


The Cramaro side roll (side to side system) is an excellent system when waterproof protection is needed.  The side roll tarp is Ideal for agricultural and chemical loads.    One person operation from ground level.  Cramaro makes two different style side roll tarp systems to meet different needs.  The standard tarp system utilizes ratchets and straps which takes a little longer to operate but offers the utmost in security.

Front and/or rear caps make operation even faster.  Cramaro’s caps consist of aluminum bridges with vinyl bonnets.  There is an optional electric drive for even easier and faster operation.

Waterproof tarp system for dump trucks and trailers.

Ease of use. The traditional side roll tarping system is a side to side operated system controlled at ground level via an elongated handle.

Built to last. Heavy duty vinyl or mesh tarp. Heavy duty straps and ratchets to keep tarp taut and load waterproof. Steel extruded roll pipe available.

Covers or uncovers in seconds. Saving you time and money every time you uncover a load.

Service available through our 6 company branches or our network of dealers across the U.S. and Canada.