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May 2014May’s system of the month is by Hale Trailer Brake and Wheel of Voorhees, NJ. Hale Trailer is one of the largest new and used trailer dealers in the country with 13 locations. They have been in business almost thirty years providing sales and service for many brands of trailers including East, Manac, Hyundai, Trail King, Peerless, and Parker as well as others. In addition they maintain a large rental fleet of trailers.

Hale has been using Cramaro tarp systems for over 20 years on both dump trailers and flatbed trailers. The system shown on this East trailer is the Cramaro electric Flip N Go pivoting arm system with a mesh tarp. The aluminum arms on this system are so strong that they can be used on trailers up to 48’ in length and never need the help of secondary or helper springs. The system is cab operated and totally automatic.

For more information, please contact

Hale Trailer

(800) 232-6535

april 2014April’s winner is Dragon Products of Beaumont, Texas. Founded in 1963, Dragon has been manufacturing products related to the oil and gas industry. Specifically in the trailer division, Dragon manufactures a wide variety of steel and aluminium units. These include end dumps and bottom dumps, frac, storage, fuel and propane tanks, vacuum and insulated trailers, as well as roll-off and heavy hauling trailers. This Side Dump trailer are equipped with a mesh, electric Wrap N’ Roll system. This product is ideal for sand and gravel, stone, dirt or any material that has to be contained. The Wrap N’ Roll is completely out of the way and allows the trailer to dump on both sides. Solid vinyl tarps are available for this system.

For more information, please contact

Dragon Products

(877) 231-8198

november 2013November’s system of the month winner is Western Construction Components located in Yuma, Arizona. They have been in business for over 35 years building and designing Heavy Duty steel Tankers, Dump Trailers, Bottom Dumps, Pup Trailers, and Dump Bodies, etc. They are a custom fabricator that will build very specific equipment tailored exactly to an individual’s specific needs and requirements. Western also repairs and services all competitor’s products. The 18’ dump body is equipped with a Cramaro Aluminum Flip N’ Go Econo Electric system with a vinyl tarpaulin. The customer is transporting sand and gravel and occasionally asphalt. This system is also available for bottom dumps and trailers.

For more information, please contact Western Construction Components


(928) 726-5555

july 2013July’s winner is Tri State Truck Center of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Tri State is a full service factory transportation center featuring Freightliner, Western Star and Thomas Bus vehicles. In addition, Tri State is a distributor for Mac Trailers. Their parts department is the number one selling parts department for Freightliner vehicles in New England. They provide daily delivery to most areas in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The 17’ tri-axel dump truck is equipped with a Cramaro Hydraulic Flip N’ Go with a solid vinyl tarp for asphalt haulers.

Tri State Truck Center

(888) 874-9120

may 2013May’s winner is Warren Trailers of Plant City, Florida. Warren was founded in April of 1985 in Birmingham Alabama. They produced bulk feed delivery truck bodies and trailers for the agricultural industry as well as heavy duty equipment for the mining sector. In 1993 Warren expanded into Collins Mississippi where they manufactured steel, stainless and dump and spreader bodies, as well as many other specialty bodies. In 2001, Warren expanded into Columbia, South Carolina distributing all the Warren products as well as handling Stahl and Rawson-Koenig service bodies, cranes and lift gates, etc. In that same year Warren entered into the Florida market with a full manufacturing facility in Plant City making frameless and quarter frame aluminum and steel trailers, as well as open top waste and refuse trailers. The above trailer is equipped with a Cramaro Electric Slide N’ Go tarp system. It is a semi-waterproof system. This system is good for asphalt, and materials, etc which need to be fairly dry. Fully waterproof systems (the Mentor), as well as mesh systems are also available.

Warren Trailers

(800) 752-9469

march 2014March’s system winner of the month is V&H Trucks Inc. located in Marshfield, Wisconsin. V&H is one of the largest Western Star dealers in the U.S. with over 40 years in business. They specialize in truck modifications and specialty equipment bodies including flatbeds for cranes and piggyback fork lifts. V&H sells and installs the Cramaro Tarp All tarp system for flatbed trucks. The system is ideal for protecting flatbed loads and makes tarping them safe, fast, and easy. Cramaro is proud to have them as one of our experienced dealers and installers. The 24’ flatbed body shown in the photo showcases the new panel tarp system now offered by Cramaro. In addition it shows the new optional bulkhead wrap which can be reproduced from any high quality graphic or photo. This is a great way to highlight a business logo or just a picturesque graphic to make a truck or trailer more personalized.

For more information, please contact

V&H Truck Inc

(800) 826 2308

september 2013September’s system of the month winner is Great Dane Trailers of Jacksonville, Florida. This factory branch location offers full sales of new and used refrigerated trailers, dry vans and platforms. In addition they offer full service and parts for all types of trailers. This FREEDOM SE 48’ all-steel trailer is equipped with a full height Cramaro Curtain Side system. This trailer/system combination gives the operator tremendous versatility in what is transported. This Cramaro Curtain Side system is also available for trucks, flats, drop decks and double drop trailers.

Great Dane Trailers


june 2013June’s winner is VAKOTransport Systems. VAKO is Cramaro™/ TarpWorks™ newest Dealer in Europe. They will be assembling and manufacturing certain components under the TarpWorks™ product name. Vako is located in Holland, close to the Germany border. Founded in 2005, the company's prime focus is to engineer, install/distribute heavy equipment for Europe's commercial transport and agricultural markets. VAKO is also an important player in the manufacturing and supply of aluminum hard cover systems for the waste units for the environmental services industry. They also distribute trailers and bodies for Trout River Industries (Canada) Live Bottom Systems throughout Europe.

The above agricultural trailer is equipped with a Cramaro Electric Flip N’ Go tarp system. Used for the containment of agricultural products, the Flip N’ Go meets the laws requirement for farm vehicles. This system is also used for “over the road” vehicles transporting aggregate materials. Fully waterproof systems (the Mentor) are also available.

VAKO Transport Systems

For more information please contact Corné van Aalst at T: +31 (0) 71 - 341 07 05

april2013april2013April’s winner is Benlee Trailers of Romulus, Michigan. Founded in 1967, Benlee manufactures products related to scrap processing, trash, hazardous waste, demolition, construction and recycling industries. Specifically they produce roll off trucks, trailers and boxes, dump trucks and trailers, crush car trailers and gondola trailers. They sell their products in every state in America, as well as exports to Canada, Mexico and many other foreign countries. Benlee is also a full service and parts company. They stock a complete line of parts for Benlee and all other major manufacturers’ equipment. This includes hydraulic cylinders, cable pulleys, pins, cables, rollers and valves, etc. This three sided crushed car trailer is equipped with a Cramaro Crushed Car Containment System. The bi-folding gates are secured in the center of the trailer, as well as in two other locations. Its light weight design allows the user to easily operate the system to load and unload crushed cars. This product is also available for standard drop decks, flatbeds and double drops.

Benlee Trailers

(734) 722-8100

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"I started using Cramaro Tarps ten years ago. I run over 300 trailers and 90% of units are equipped with the Electric Flip N’ Go system. I have used many other types of systems, but the Cramaro system stands up to my needs and expectations for on and off road hauling. For me it is Cramaro or nothing!"
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