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aboutusCramaro Tarps is one of the largest manufacturer’s of tarpaulin systems for the trucking industry. With over 30 years experience and numerous patents, we've created innovative and long-lasting systems that offer a safer and more reliable way to get your load where it needs to go.

  • Cable Systems are the quickest way of tarping and untarping your load
  • Flip Systems provide economical solutions for your equipment
  • Roll Systems offer a complete seal so your load stays dry
  • Flatbed Systems give you easy access and coverage from the elements
  • Trash Systems provide complete containment for your load, and our
  • Other Systems, including accessories, rollers, liners, and tarping materials can help customize or upgrade our standard systems depending on your needs.

Founded in 1975 and incorporated in 1983 by Nello Cramaro, we are the originators of the automated tarpaulin system. Nello, a trucker by trade, saw the danger and difficulty in tarping loads. He devised an ingenious method of safely covering the load on his dump truck from the ground.  Within seconds, a cable driven system covered and uncovered the load, as a series of arched bows within a tarp moved out along the top rail. Nello's invention changed the industry forever!

Today, we operate our manufacturing and service facilities across North America, and sell our systems through a global distribution and dealer network. You’ll find our tarpaulin systems on fleets in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

We also service and repair all makes of tarpaulin systems – our own and those made by other companies.

Call us or email us. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Cramaro Tarps is here to help you find the right system for your equipment or fleet.

What Our Clients Say

DHT Inc.
Reese, MI

"Cramaro Tarps has truly set the standard in the tarping industry. Their service, quality and expertise has allowed our business to excel in repairs and installations. I would highly recommend the Cramaro brand to anyone that's looking for a tarp system."
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